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Bublisher – A unique all channel digital design and development studio creating world leading marketing and solutions for our clients. With a leading team who never see problems but challenges we help our clients reach their goals. Our main office is located in Oslo in the Kingdom of Norway.

Norway is a country encompassing mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. Our northern office is located just below the Arctic Circle. where our landscape stretches from deep fjords full of fish to high mountains where Deer, Moose and Bear among other`s. It`s the perfect location for creativity to grow and develop.

We Make Beautiful Things

Padlet Solutions

Motion Graphic Animation

Highway II

Movie Logo & Movie Title


My experience center

SafeBox Website

Version 2.0

Handelsbanken Norway

Card design


Smoke week


Go Army .com

David Beckham



Social sharing

Solidox – Teeth test

Protecting your teeth

DUBAI | Augmented Reality

Virtual reality V.2.0

Karpe Diem

Press photo

American Airlines

Into the clouds

SAS – It`s Scandinavian

Scandinavian Airways

Safebox V.1

Cloud Service

Wynn – Social

Las Vegas social life

Discover Channel

Presenting a new season

Wynn & Encore { HYP

Let`s go clubbing


«Love Conquers All»

Susanne Sundfør

Concert Photos



It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted on the market. Read more below why clients keep coming back over and over again.

Unique Award Winning Results

Every project and task we embark on we do with the same love and passion. We do so with the dedication we all at Bublisher have for our jobs and we are always super exited to create a unique result. We always aim as high as we can and set out with all we have to reach it. This has resulted in award winning projects and returning clients that could not be more happy about. This is why our slogan is From Norway With LOVE

Customized Solutions

We start all jobs and from a new perspective while adding all our experience into it. This is giving our clients a solution that be highly advanced to make and create but we always make it easy to use and also we make it really easy to update. Even today most of digital media studios like Bublisher uses text based updating systems. Bublish℠ is a visual real time online updating systems for websites, Mobile applications and other digital solutions like media banks. Everything is visually displayed and you edit or ad content by easy to use components. Stop spending endless of your work day having trouble updating your content with getting in touch today and we help you out!

Cross Media Studio

Bublisher is a cross platform studio that work over all media and not limited by any borders. We do Graphic design through Logo and Corporate Identity, We do film with all in-house equipment like a wide range of cameras, drones, film rigs, lights, green screen studio location and highly advanced motion graphic animations that involve 3D modeling and animation that look fully realistic. We do all web and mobile app design and development from small micro sites, campaigns to big E-commerce solutions and mobile application where we with Padlet Solutions where we got a wide experience and knowledge can provide any solution. We even create solutions for on board media info systems on cars like Tesla.

Video Reel

We are working hard on projects but has got a lot of new content and work to ad to our show reel. We will ad this and release the new one January 2016 showing the timeline of Bublisher in 2015. Still we have updated our portfolio with selected jobs but got a ton of work to ad there to. Its a known and familiar fact we tend to be much better on updating and working on client projects then updating our own site. Please use the News section and our Facebook page for more frequent updates.If you have not seen it yet please take a look at our reel from this spring featuring mostly video and motion work

Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

July 5, 2016

Movie for Nesna Kommune

BMW Magazine Spread photo

| Photo, Photography | No Comments
BMW magazine photo spread We love our cars as said many times on this site and in our other channels like Facebook. Usually this involve direct shots or video of...

Happy new year

| Food for thought, Fun & Games, Lifestyle, Studio life | No Comments
Happy new year | Got resolutions? Happy new year where ever you might be in the world. It all new chances and new cards to be dealt. We always strive...

Lamborghini Murcielago photo shoot

| Cars, Photo, Photography | No Comments
An adventure into Italian perfection Its no secret that we at Bublisher love anything with an engine. We share a strong passion for fast cars and if they are Italian,...

Dodge Joins The Dark Side

| Studio life, We recommend | No Comments
Dodge, The Dark Side   To celebrate the release of the new Star Wars film, Dodge decided to create a march of its own with some of its most powerful...
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