Børning II

Børning II

Racing across Norway

“Børning” is a Norwegian movie and its a car race much like the classic Cannonball Run movies but here they race from southern Norway in Oslo to North cape the most northern point of mainland Europe. The main character Roy is mad about cars, and runs Stallion Parts while attending to his yellow Mustang, far away from his daughter, which comes on holiday, while he is to attend a race that his “rival” has dared him to do. Soon he is challenged in a illegal race through the length of Norway.
We at Bublisher LOVE cars and anything with an engine and this movie involved  so much of the local car loving culture in Norway and was featuring drivers like world champion Drifter Fredric Aasbø.  It also are passing many of the places where several of the Bublisher crew spent their childhood and even learned to drive them selfs. Also a few here has been involved in Motor racing. We still love cars all of us 😀

Not its decided and even without funds from the film funds (The last movie cost above 250.000 Euro) that the next movie is starting filming after new year (in 2017) and we just cant wait.

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Bublisher at the Premiere

Trailer for B. I

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