Hemnes Cars – Pitch

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The task was to look into how the website could look like and represent both car brands with the same style but still keep the brand separated keeping the brands corporate identity.

Mercedes like any other car brand launches campaigns on TV and in other media and that is a key factor to many stopping by the the website and in so to get information and details. This is an ongoing circle that creates people to come back to the site and look at campaigns. Many stop by the main Mercedes-Benz website to look at campaigns and that remove some of the connection to the local dealer.

So we wanted to showcase all the campaigns and make it visible in the main design as a element that is interactive in the way you can interact with the content in the campaign area at the point when you enter the site but also have access all other models from that same module to enhance user experience and heighten the chance for a contact point to the local dealer and resulting in sales directed from the site.

The Peugeot part of the site uses the negative color of black to really separate the to brands but we still kept the main identity of the Hemnes Bil brand being the local dealer. The top is easy to recognize and all the major parts of the navigation and building of the site components is to be easy to interact with being built up the same way.


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