Into the clouds

American Airlines are expanding their fleet and upgrading existing planes bringing and raising a new standard. We was asked to create one future airport terminal look/mood graphic. For us the future at airport is mostly about time spending or actually not having to spend a lot of time going through security and other time consuming but some of them important tasks. We understand its necessary and see there are more and more new technology being used. The second is information and how you can relax. Some hate the stress about missing the flight and keeping track of time. Going to sit down at the gate 3 hours before time just to be sure is not the best experience.

As we now go into more virtual experiences like the Google glass. mobile watches, information can be displayed based on each individuals need for information and is this way tailored. Here also entertainment and other aspects also finding its place.

When that was completed and Rune was on asked to take some shoots for their In flight magazine and to be used on mailing list and web site areas. It was to mostly showcase first class as they created a first class to have more advantages than the “usual” Business class that still exist. The shoots was taken on a flight from Europe to the US and the return flight on 1 class AA.