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David Beckham, most famous for being one of the world absolute best soccer players wanted to help change the nutrition for kids. Having grown up in the UK and witnessed the general intake of food during school and after knowing how much a good diet means he set out to create Go3. Go3 is a vitamin supplement first of all made from the best source for Omega3 fish oil. The package and bottle holds 9 Vitamins and 4 Minerals.

Its not distributed to more then the UK and Europe and have reached the USA and Asia. In the UK the product line also include fish sticks and other healthy products.  Starting this project I was given the David`d Biography and im far from a soccer fan of any kind, but I was surly impressed of how down to earth and how he had dedicated so much time and effort to help others.

More so when I watched several videos and the latest when I was given the link to see a documentary showing how he and his friends when they go to the jungles of Brasil. The  program is called “into the unknown”. I got a private link but got the news the program is out for free on Norwegian TV website NRK (Might only work for people in Norway). See it here

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