It`s Virtual

Virtual reality is the next leap in communication and information architecture. Big leading global companies like Google & Apple is creating both software and hardware. Like Google is creating and their Glass with screens inside.


One of the partners we worked with is Wearable Intelligence that is as us Google partner. They have developed a platform that gave us workflow. It supports communications, training, and data access products that are in the field at some of the world’s best known companies.

Dual OS

As being Apple partner on several high levels like the MFi licensing program and we wanted to explore both the Google and Apple platform when creating the mock-ups. What we show here are samples and we will show you more during winter 2016 when can show you the more new revolutionary solutions.


After working on as lead designer for Padlet Solutions, a company delivering highly interactive and experience enhancing features among others to leading Las Vegas hotelsRockwell group one of the world leading  cross-disciplinary architecture and design firm always break new ground. So we did a job with them at The Cosmopolitan.

Their Shanghai department asked to work on a Augmented Reality GUI for a company out of Dubai that wish to keep its name a “secret” due to market expansion and take overs where they wish product development not to be related to their brand before the end of 2015, spring 2016.

This is some of the sketches to get some feedback. The first selection we are presenting is based on Apple iOS and the task was to take the design and create a good GUI (General User Interface) but also make a info render where the graphics might be more against HGUI (Taken from the graphics used on movies and then given the name “Hollywood GUI”.).  We be uploading more as the project move forward.

Building the future

Bublisher always aim to to create the best user experience
by using the latest technology while still keeping the user
experience intuitive.

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