The Norwegian rap-duo Karpe Diem consists of Magdi Omar Ytreeide Abdelmaguid (aka Megdi) and Chirag Rashmikant Patel (aka Chicosepoy or Chico). Magdi is half Egyptian and half Norwegian, while Chirag is Indian.  Karpe Diem was established when the two, then young boys, wanted to enter a music competition (UKM ), which they ended up winning with the song “Hvor er Willy?” and have been rapping together ever since.

Becoming number one 

Their first release was a six-track long EP; Glasskår EP released in 2004, and they released a full-length album in June, 2006; Rett Fra Hjertet. Followed by another one in fall 2008; Fire Vegger .  19.04.2010 Aldri solgt en løgn They have performed live at more than 200 shows and the number just keeps growing. Karpe Diem is notorious for their sarcastic and politically engaged lyrics, and for their down-to-earth and nobel personalities.


The 5th of March 2011 they got the highest Norwegian music prize “Årets Spellemann” It was a historic award: It`s the first time in “Spelemannsprisen” history a hip-hop/rap group was presented with this award. Rune took these photos at the Verket Festival in Norway commissioned by Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

Here is video for those who don`t know Karpe Diem

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