The Brand

MEF- Stands for Mosjøen Real estate agenzy. They manage sales of homes in the region of Helgeland on the coast of Norway. The city Mosjøen is located at the end of a fjord surrounded by mountains that climb straight out of the ocean.


MEF had been operation some time ago but on hold before now starting up again. In this they came to us for help to create a new identity and revitalize their brand. After working close with the management we wanted to create an identity that both was rooted locally but would not set any limit for expansion into new areas later.


Surrounding Mosjøen is a famous mountain range that is well know. It moves like a large dragon with tops that stand out. We used this shape and made it into a design that also made the first letter in MEF. Purple and Silver was chosen as the main colors to reflect the high quality of their service.



Passion for details

Bublisher created a full design profile MEF. They came to us with a brief where building and refreshing the old brand.

The name was known to people in the region and it also had a local city in the name as where their main office is located. The old identity was known when in use but had not been used for a while since the agency have had a break while restructuring their main organization.

So in revitalizing the brand the name was kept but the logo and identity was replaced. We used the famous mountain chain that enclose the fjord that leads into the city of Mosjøen where MEF has its main office. This mountain has been used as inspiration to create the logo and the M.

The brief also suggested colors like purple and with this in mind we also incorporated silver into the design. The logo stands alone as a M and is accompanied by the brand name: Mosjøen Eiendoms Formidling.

We also created letters, envelopes, business cards and also a sales catalog for each sales prospect. To relieve MEF the need for us or others to edit each sales presentation, we made it using Adobe IN Design. Then we provided a course to MEF so they can edit text and images while the design always are staying the way it should according to the design profile guide. This is a service we also give to other customers who have the same or similar needs.

Beautiful & fresh lasting impression  

Thank you to MEF, Christian and Line for trusting us with this great task. Its been a pleasure to work with you and its always an honor when a design is well received in the general targeted user groups.

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