Good design is more then what you might call “Eye candy”. Its there just as much to communicate the brands essence as it is to have an appealing look and feel. A design like in a corporate identity is to stand through time and be timeless in many ways.


Experience comes into place when creating a design for a brand that stands to take a quantum leap in technology that changes the current landscape and is a evolution

Protecting us

Tag Sensors deliver the revolutionary advanced solution to monitor temperature in food, medicine and related. It measure the temperature and with an just as advance software that make it easy to read the data using a mobile phone.

Multi channel

We created not only a corporate identity but a digital platform that will communicate the brand through digital channels like web, Social media and also a mobile app UX and GUI design overhaul.

Staying updated

Like with other clients we deliver a fully and complete solution that will enable Tag Sensors to update and ad content through a fully visual and highly intelligent advanced but easy to use admin system. The Bublish ℠ system adapts and build content based on user interaction patterns and harnessing a wide range of meta data


The Bublish  is a system that is linked in a grid without sharing content between clients and also indexing sites and get data from companies like Google it uses Meta data to grow and learn trends, user patterns and more. As the system is virtual all updates are made to all clients in the same instance and ensure better SEO so your site is found in the search engines abd social media in a much better way then ever before. The solution is pat. pend



Today’s mobile and multi device usage require our attention  

One design, one website to rule them all

When we make only “one website” that work on all devices its called Responsive design meaning it adapts live to different resolutions and by device its shown on.

Responsive web design is a big deal because there will be a gigantic leap in mobile internet traffic than desktop traffic in the coming years. Since responsive web design – built on HTML5 and CSS3 – will allow one website  to reach every possible device, from the PC, to the iPhone, the Chromebook to the your screen in the Tesla car, and everything in between. Responsive web design streamlines the processes and focuses the digital solution in a single direction.

The great technical advantage is that responsive designs “read” the incoming visitors’ devices and scale the website to fit their screen. This differs from the way you may have been using browser feedback to redirect the user to a separate mobile site. In a responsive design, the content remains the same across all devices, but the appearance changes to play nice with all devices.

Moving standards with fresh communication

It`s been a great honor to work with Tag Sensors and we look forward
to much more in the future. Much of what you see here is not published
yet but please visit their current homepage for more information about
their amazing range of products and solutions.

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