For Country…

During 2005 we where approached by Plot Dev / Hypersite that was representing BBDO NYC in a pitch for the client. The task was to work on creating a new approach for the website. The site promotes better understanding of US Army life, career opportunities and provides information on benefits of an Army career and military life. Recruiting information about full-time and part-time job opportunities and enlistment bonuses available in the United States Army and Army Reserve.

The life of a soldier

Military life is something that create an influence on several levels both personally and on a national and world perspective. We wanted the site to build on the tight personal relationship developed during a stint in the army. We had seen documentaries and television series from World War II like Brothers in Arms. The one ting that really stood out and left us with a huge respect was the bonding between soldiers and how they took care of their fellow soldier and the selfless acts they would do for each other and for the common peace.  We looked through a quantity of material that ranged from letters from soldiers in the Gulf War to a documentary about how it affected your surroundings, like family and friends when they know you are willing to take a bullet to keep others safe.

A red line_____________

We tried to find a single line that could really express all of this in just a few words. During our research one on the team said: Look at all this pictures. Here they are parading close next to one another, here they stand guard side by side. The one thing that I see on all of this is that they are always shoulder to shoulder. We knew there and then we had the few words that described the soldiers life and duty.

3 Parts

We divided the site up into 3 main parts. The Mission, The Team and The Reward. We made the site using Adobe® Flash® to include material like video, big imagery and to create an atmosphere. We also wanted the user to find everything within this framework and always get fresh information. As the site came into place we really felt a whole other understanding of being in the US Army. Before this we kind of looked at it to be one but now we saw more clearly that the soldiers here far from the political arena and even if they did not always agree on the agenda they stood shoulder to shoulder to protect freedom and the people that trusted the soldiers to keep the country safe.


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