Las Vegas

Las Vegas is standing strong for being the main place to party in the world. Social life is never as BIG as its here. And leading this is the Wynn and Encore hotel complex with XS, Tryst, Surrender among other clubs leading the way.

The Key to Wynn Social life

Wynn created a special part of the party scene into the umbrella called simply the Wynn Social. This feature the clubs and the party scene with all the amazing Djs that frequently play host at the clubs. This is a large scenario to cover in one presentation. It was done by placing Wynn in the “center” .

Planning, Filming and creating

Wynn Social

One of the most iconic and luxurious hotels on the Las vegas strip is the Wynn & Encore hotels created by the world famous Steve Wynn who can take most of the credit for how Las Vegas is today. The two towers that rises in gold and bronze can bee seen from far away and are a sight just by itself. But the real treat starts on the inside when you enter a world of unique design.

Steve have taken hope treasures and art from all his travel and for every corner you tern there are something new to look at. No mass produced paintings are hanging on the walls of the downstairs casino and resort area. Having some of the world’s absolute top nightclubs, Including the new “HYP”  there is XS, Tryst, Surrender and the Beach Club. Not only is the club stunning and a work of art and a amazing attention to details they also feature some of the worlds leading DJ`s. And we are not talking one or two that stop by once a year. At Wynn its the best of best all the time.

To showcase the amazing landscape of venues and DJ’s this montage is to be displayed on screens outside and inside the Wynn & Encore as well as on the strip`s many billboards.

It was made using Video Co-pilots fantastic Element 3D in After Effects and Magic Bullet + Looks 2 among others. It was recorded using RED and Canon cameras.

Incredible and fun

Las Vegas is always vibrating for energy and fun and its so amazing to do a job like this. Bublisher is fully suited to take on any movie and motion animation project with have all in-house equipment from Cameras, Lenses, Camera-Rigs, Drones, Lights + +.

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