Sometimes a bit of help…


Sometimes we can need a little help in somewhat ordinary private situations. Like selling a car, or selling a somewhat special car. There is no need to say there is a lot of cars for sale. Some from dealers and many from private hands. For us car is about passion and something we love. All that work at Bublisher is a gear head in some way it being motorcycles, cars, snowmobiles, Jet-skis and the list continues.
A Mercedes SL 500, a German piece of art was to be put up for sale. This car makes all gear heads and even those that are not look twice by seeing and even hearing it when close by. This is a car that need to be promoted with the right kind of imagery and video to fully give the feeling of what can be yours. We took the car to a closed down cold mining storage area. The dark black show the silver paint job and enhances the design and agile look.

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