Happy new year | Got resolutions?

Happy new year where ever you might be in the world. It all new chances and new cards to be dealt. We always strive to be better at our own game and we all now its a race for new technology, the way we communicate and how Social media and mobile communication changes the landscape.  We are confident that we are just where we should be but we will never stop learning.

Here we usually have a nice little video with count down and the clock passing 00:00 and 2016 are announced with a big bang. We want to share something a bit different. What we and all of you see more and more is net hate where people usually stand behind a hidden identity and talks trash to people who really not deserve it. The web is a wounder full place but its also making a high pressure of being liked and to fit in.

Have the right size and Meghan Trainor was about the first after Ellen had talked about photo retouch featuring models what looked more then perfect before the adjustment. All that base gave so many a feeling of “its not only me” and got someone who they could relate to.

After this many others have joined it and we are so happy this is becoming a trend. Another person we love is James Corden and after some of us met him personally in Vegas it was no shock he made The Late Show. So we present new year resolutions in new way featuring James and Taylor.

Happy new year from all of us :-D

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