An adventure into Italian perfection

Its no secret that we at Bublisher love anything with an engine. We share a strong passion for fast cars and if they are Italian, well let`s say that is no disadvantage ūüėČ This time it was our task to freeze milliseconds of time into photos and video of a Lamborghini Murcielago with a custom carbon rear spoiler and a black mat paint job (Not a foil) We took this car and the owner to the construction site of the new E18 north east of Oslo Norway.

The photos have not got their final edit but as somewhat a Christmas gift we wanted to give you a sneak peak at the shoot. ALWAYS if we can we love to shoot the current owner of the car if she or he is with us on location. First of all because this is the best memory one can have with a car that is more a life style choice then your average A-B transport.

We are exited to show you all the final photos and also the small movie we made.

Stop by the soon updated Car photo portfolio that soon be integrated into this main website. Also see the Highway II intro and get ready for number 3 real soon.