An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all. Oscar Wilde

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Visual storytelling for the modern world

Bublisher is a design, film and advertising studio located in Norway with office in Las Vegas and London. Our main production is done from Norway. With over 20 years of experience the founders had a diverse and far-reaching client base and portfolio with national and international clients.

Bublisher do highly and strong tailored work. Indeed every project starts from a clean base but built on experience. The main target is to make fresh and innovative yet surprising well thought out and usable. Communication always stands in the center and is of the highest order from a brand building point of view. Our founders and team members have made highly acclaimed work that cover all business sectors from arts and architecture to media, advertising, institutional, and many more.

Bublisher has built a culture that believe in a world that is experimental, innovative and fun. We strive to move standards and make the world a more beautiful place to live. In all we do there is always two lines on the main agenda for each project. Building brand or case awareness and helping our clients expand their potential and get down to the core reason of making a successful money making business.

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Bringing over 20 years experience
to the Bublisher table we have
whatever it takes to reach your

Studio priority No. 01


Even as we have the experience and knowledge we always go a long way to stay on top of our game pushing the envelope and provide you with solutions. We never see ourself stop learning, ever!

Studio priority No. 02

Up to date

We create cutting edge solutions but both for the user experience and the way you as a client update and maintain the solution is as easy as sending a email. So while what is behind what you see is tomorrows technology you might say up front is old school

Studio priority No. 03

Finding a way

So many in our business promise anything is possible specially in the first meetings. We say it to but we also tell you to make a jump in the evolution we need to work with the best and that’s why we joined forces with several of the best and leading talents in their fields enabling us to deliver as promised, always!

Studio priority No. 04

Industries recognition 

Over the many years in creating brand communication our team has won a large number of awards like Cannes, FWA, Clio awards, BBDO global best among others. We will continue to aim high and win awards and get recognition for the work we do for your brand