Great marketing in the streets of Oslo

Pepsi get our respect

We always respect when good marketing is seen, heard or experienced. Today after a meeting in the center of Oslo having been outside for a few hours in the sun we felt thirsty on the way back.
The client said it would be nice to have something to drink before going up to the office and might bring some to the people at the office. As “out of the blue” we heard a voice behind us. “Would you like a Pepsi Max. We had some in the car and felt people needed a refreshment on this warm day”

The client got 6 bottles and the Bublisher got one and both left with a cold drink. It was spot on marketing, live to be seen by all, getting brand awareness credit both to those who got it and those who just saw it. Credit is given to the marketing team at Pepsi Norway for thinking let`s make this a Oslo summer day (it`s been few of those) and give it the Pepsi touch.

We love it! Tumbs up!