First Platinum

Complete Series

Anthony Brady, Product Manager Cards at Handelsbanken Norway asked us to redesign their debit and credit card series. During the process of defining the design brief with the client, we soon realized they wanted to take the style and feel into a modern look. Handelsbanken is in the direction of a business bank. The design on the cards they had was a very traditional style. Paintings from famous Scandinavian painters and artist were used, and the Norwegian branch used the same as it’s Swedish head office.

One of the First Platinum Cards

Handelsbanken was one of the first banks in Norway to launch a Platinum card. We wanted to design a card that stood out from all other cards in the series but still maintaining the theme of the graphic details. We decided upon a shade of gray instead of black. The card uses the same organic shapes but we removed the center “dragons”. Handelsbanken put a lot of effort into creating  a card that has a high exclusivity while offering a large series of advantages, including access to high end airport lounges, travel insurance extending far beyond the competitors and so much more.

A Series of 5 

We created a series of five cards for Handelsbanken. Ranging from Electron, Classic, Gold, Platinum and Business cards. They all follow the same design theme but in a variety of color, placement and usage of the design elements. Layering in production is also changing to achieve special effects when light hits the card in different angles. Setting up a card for production is an advanced skill that requires great experience. TAG Systems in Norway helped out to get the maximum effect our of each design. They also produced the cards.

First Card to Win Fashion Award

The gold card has received special attention, one of the most noteworthy is the Norwegian Fashion Award in 2008. We feel the design is a success when a credit card is called fashion!! Rumor has it that the Director of Visa Europe saw the gold card at the Handesbanken head office in Sweden he stated, “This is for sure one of the top 3 best looking cards I have ever seen“. Praise like this makes us both extremely proud, humble and really pleased that Handelsbanken trusted us with this assignment and that both the card and their company received this attention.

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