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SafeBox Web App

SafeBox delivers high-end backup solutions with the highest security level on the market. Their solution can often be found merged inside the services given to web banking users of large banks.  We designed the entire GUI and created a seamless user experience for all their products inside the secure solution.

SafeBox needed a website application on the home section of their website that presented value proposition. What is better then having a hostess to presents the solution and provide the user with a walk through of the services given? We started to look for the best presenter who could deliver the message in a good way. We landed on Maria Mohn, a famous and highly talented musician who, among many other achievements, almost took home the title in Norwegian Idol.

We traveled to Fredrikstad, Norway where we used Kraft Image Studio. Their amazing facility was perfect for producing the films we needed. Many times we used a green screen to remove the background and replace it post production. We had limited time to produce the application and needed to find ways to speed up the procedure without in any way losing quality. In the studio, Kraft set up a red back screen that was ideal for our purposes. All we had to do is light it right and we were ready to film. We got the ever so amazing Sølvi Strifeldt to do the makeup. Her expertise is evident on an almost endless list of Norwegian photos and movies.

Putting it all together

Back home in our studio it was time to edit and fine-color adjust the material and render it so it could be used on the web. We again chose Adobe Flash to create this application and .FLV as the video format. Using the newest and best rendering engines we lowered file sizes without sacrificing quality.  To ensure the best audio quality, we recorded the voice at a professional studio in Oslo which was later added to the movies. We incorporated an environment to frame the presentation that had a main “screen” and 3 sub boxes where the user had 1 click access to a option list, pricing and the selection of banks that offer their service. Finally was a drag out menu with access to all the videos. We used both icons and text to communicate the content of each. In the first video played upon the user entering the site, Maria uses her hand to drag out the menu so it gives the user a visual introduction.

Building the future

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