ProCutX™ for iPad

iPad Controller for Final Cut Pro X

PROCUTX for Final Cut Pro X is an iOS iPad application that allows editors to control Final Cut Pro X on your MAC through an iPad. Designed by Pixel Film Studios and created by LightWORK Solutions Inc, PROCUTX is a powerful tool that enhances and streamlines the Final Cut Pro X editing experience.

We love using this tool and can recommend it to all Final Cut users. We are a Adobe editing software studio first of all but use both Final cut and Avid in productions where we see the advantage.


Revolutionary Interface

Built from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s creative editors, PROCUTX breaks free from the menus, tabs, and shortcut keys to streamline editor’s tasks. This application gives users control over all the FCPX editing tools in one clean, fast interface, eliminating the need for clicking and searching through the Final Cut Pro X menus. From import to export, PROCUTX can speed up every step of the FCPX editing process.


Scrub the Timeline

Using the main PROCUTX interface dial in the center of the iPad screen, editors can scan the magnetic timeline in their project by dragging their finger around the wheel. By moving their finger around the precision dial, users can move the playhead frame-by-frame along the timeline. PROCUTX also has buttons that allow editors to move forward or backwards to the cut points between their clips.

Control Your Editing Tools

With the Toolbox in the bottom left and main timeline dial, users can make all of their edits using just PROCUTX. Editors can quickly select, cut, and trim their footage without ever touching the mouse or keyboard. They can also manipulate the speed of their video using the retiming buttons in the top-middle of the iPad screen.

Color Grade with PROCUTX

PROCUTX eliminates the need to click through tabs in the Final Cut Pro X Inspector to color correct images. Editors can control the Color Board’s exposure, saturation, and color using the powerful directional pad in the bottom right corner of the PROCUTX application.

Auto-Correction in a Tap

Leaving the Final Cut Inspector behind, editors can auto-correct a clip’s white balance, color, and noise removal faster than ever with designated auto-correction buttons on the right side of the PROCUTX interface.

Compound Your Clips

With the easy-to-use Compound Clip controls, users can group a complex set of elements and collapse them into a single clip just by tapping the button in the top-left corner of the PROCUTX interface. They can then open or break them apart later with the other designated buttons.

Streamline Import and Export

Using the designated buttons in the top-right of the PROCUTX application, users can take care of all of their importing, exporting and rendering needs. The fast and easy interface allows users to accept and deliver files to and from Final Cut Pro X at the push of a button.

Future Plans for PROCUTX

PROCUTX was designed to last for years of Final Cut Pro X editing to come. We already have a lot of great ideas and additions that we are working on to be featured in future updates of the application. At Pixel Film Studios, we always keep the fans wants in mind, so please send us feedback on PROCUTX features you would like to see!